December, 29th update.

Dear friends!

From now you can have full version of the game here for $1.

We hope you'll enjoy our game and all the work done during a year and a half to provide you interesting and hard enough adult city manager.

List of the changes made:

- New decrees line – Aristocrat.

- Aristocrat behavior rework: Aristocrats now fuck only travelers of Knight rank and higher.

- New decrees line – Angel.

- Angels and Succubi come to the game with Shyness 0.

- Now you can see watch buildings’ and/or units’ production process as well as travelers’ payments checking pop-upping info above units and constructions. 

- New girls special traits: Nymphomaniac – girls gets 50% less tired after sex; Group Sex – girl can please up to 3 men at the same time; Exhibitionism – girl can be fucked right on the street if there is no spare rooms.

- Buildings’ control buttons now appear right at the building you select.

- Ogres Defense is reduced by 20%.

- Now you can demolish and reconstruct destroyed buildings.

- Hint: press C key to see all destroyed buildings.

- New Offender – Vampire. Comes rarely as a Hotel lodger, drinking sober one girl a night until you pray Goddess to banish him or until meets Paladin.

- Chance for girl to become sick after sex is reduced.

- Orcs, Ogres and Vampires now come few days after you construct high-leveled main buildings.

- Now you can switch between girl’s parameters and functions description while checking right info panel.

- Now girls faster increase their Sex Skill level.

May the Boobs be with you!




Brothel City 2017 December 8 Patrons.rar 83 MB
Dec 29, 2017

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