January 2018 release - PATRONS

Hi, dear friendverts!

We are presenting you the new version of the game.

Here is the list of changes in the February 2018 build:

* New decrees line - Succubus;

* First healing using Faith now costs 2 Faith only, though every next will cost 2 more (4, 6, 8 etc);

* Casino feature has been implemented: There is a 1% chance for every Casino visitor to win jackpot or to lose all his money - this will makes you lose/gain 20% of cash gold +2% for each additional Casino.

* Acrobats' bonus reduced from 22% to 8%;

* Video card memory usage was completely optimized;

* Now construction buttons are not coloured in green after building construction, because in the late game when you have every building constructed, it is more imported to track if you have enough resources or not;

* New buttons added:

-Sell all goods available-


-Sell all imprisoned offenders-

Now you are able to sell all the stuff you've got without searching for Slaves Market or without multi-clicking your Trade Tent.

One more additional button:

- Repair all -

 if you have enough money to fully repair all buildings that are damaged or destroyed by offenders.

* - After you'll buy your first, second, third, fourth and further Lands Expansion, your city will become more popular bringing you more travellers: additional 50%, 100%, 200% and 300% more than regular traffic. Beware, though, you should be ready to satisfy them or lose Reputation. This greatly increases your total amount of population available;

* Ghost's arrival chance is reduced by 33%;

* Radiuses of buildings construction now are set correctly having a building inside of the circle;

* Charity bonuses of Chapels are reduced by 50%

* Housemaids' bonus is reduced from 20% to 10%;

* Second and First levels of Concord Faction bonuses are switched;

* Second and First levels of Court Faction bonuses are switched;

* Brothels and Passion Houses now have top priority to host clients for sex - this will provide more spare rooms at Flophouses and their upgrades that were occupied for sex only before;

* 'Do not touch your own kind' Criminals Faction bonus now reduces Offenders' arrival chance by 25%, not 50%;

* 'Party place' Criminals Faction bonus now increases Pub profit by 12%, not 25%;

* 'She-thieves' Criminals Faction bonus now increases sex profit by 10%, not 20%;

* Now travellers come 33% more frequently;

* Cowies now produce 30% less Milk;

* Now you can have 1 Slave per Aristocrat;

* Every new Treasury now can be constructed for each 3000 gold of one-paid taxes, not 1000 as before;

* Prostitutes consume 1 Faith, not 2;

* Now you can see the amount of lodgers (press M key);

* New construction requirements:

Garden now requires Tavern

Grove now requires Tavern

Vineyard  now requires Tavern

Alchemist Lab now requires Tavern

Pound now requires Hotel

Pound with Beach now requires Hotel

Thus, Traders now place such trading orders according to the buildings currently constructed:


Food: Vegetables, Meat


Food: Vegetables, Meat, Grain

Drinks: Beer, Milk


Food: Vegetables, Meat, Grain, Fruit

Drinks: Beer, Milk, Juice, Cocktails


Food: Vegetables, Meat, Grain, Fruit, Fish

Drinks: Beer, Milk, Juice, Cocktails, Wine

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