April 2018 Build

Hi, dear friendverts!

Here is the build and the list of changes made in April Build:

- New decrees line added: Slave;

- New decrees line added: Satyr;

- All girls have new sprites;

- Because now there are all decrees for all the girls implemented now girls will not lose Shyness just because of time;

- Few new environment things - tree, bush;

- Jessie's messages now are closed by clicking, not by spacebar to avoid accident closing of them;

- Every Souteneur now decreases your Faith by 5 a day;

- Now every Altar built increases your Faith maximum by 10 and Chapels by 25;

- Now you can construct Altars, Chapels and Temples near each other;

- Mermaid now doesn't walk the city until she have legs;

- Pubs, Dining rooms and Baths now have less building radius;

- Now you can have 1 Trading Tent/Market per 500 population;

- Some Offenders now are killed in battle so they may cause ghosts arriving;

- After healing Shamans become more tired.

- Sleeping and happiness recovering shamans do not try to heal;


Brothel City April 2018 build 109 MB
Apr 05, 2018

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